19th November 2015

Congratulations on J.B.Khokhani 50th anniversary!

We have enjoyed being partners of this successful organization and we have seen it grow and continue to become better and more professional over the time.

We feel that one of the reasons this company is a success is that you do not treat it only as a business, you take personal Interest and go the extra mile when needed. We developed many great business relationships with J.B.K members as well as many friendships.

Dear friends,you have done and are continuing to do a great Job in making this a great company and family. We look forward to collaborating for many more successful years as J.B.K partners and we thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Our best wishes for continued success!


J.B.Khokhani & Co Golden Anniversary Celebration!

On behalf of NutraQ AS, I would like to extend our sincere congratulations to J.B. Khokhani & Co for celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Companies like yours show that with passion, belief and sincerity, people can achieve wonders.

J.B. Khokhani & Co is a well-established and highly-regarded ingredient distributor with an enviable track record of bringing new ingredients to the marketplace. Our partnership with you brings the kind of sales and marketing focus and expertise we look for in our distribution partners. The market in india is huge and fast developing and we are excited to see what we can achieve together.

Please accept our congratulations on this fantastic milestone and best wishes on another fifty years of success.


November 26, 2015

Wish you all the success for the next 50 years !!

It give us great pleasure in sending you this congratulatory message for the Golden Jubilee Anniversay for J.B. Khokhani & Co. Our association dates back to 1988 and it has been a lovely journey where we have been together through thick and thin. JBK has played a pivotal role in the success of shasun Pharmaceuticals and your qualities such as honesty, integrity and dedication are worth admiring. We have established many excellent business relationships through JBK and we look forward to this partnership for many more years to come.


19th November 2015

Here is wishing them a successful journey the next 50 years!

We congratulates M/S J.B. Khokhani and Co. on completing 50 years in the industry. We have been associated with them the last 20 years of this 50 year journey. We have found them a reliable partner with excellent knowledge of the pharmaceutical landscape in India and good contacts across companies both big and small in India.

HG & H Pharmaceuticals

23 November 2015

All the best !

The Golden Jubilee of J.B. Khokani & Company

It gives me great pleasure to send congralulations on this incredible milestone! Your friends and colleagues at HG&H Pharmaceuticals congratulate J.B. Khokhani on your golden Jubilee anniversary !

Wishing you wonderful celebrations and continued success and progress in your business. We are proud to be partners with this prestigious family business and look forward to continuing our work together.


20th November 2015

We wish JBK many more decides of success ahead!

Congratulations to JBK team for completion of golden jubilee in the industry. you have been an extremely valuable partner to saraca and one of our seepping stories to success. we look forward to further strengthening our relationship.


Wish them all the luck and success ahead.

We have been associated with khokhani's since last tow decades. It has been a great journey through all this time. Together, we have had a very successful association in the industry serving our customers and we still look forward to work with them for many more decades to come.

On this occasion of completing 50 years in the industry, we at Adani Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.


November 20, 2015

Congratulations on reaching the tremendous milestone of 50 years in business!

For a half century you have dedicated yourselves to improving the quality of life for so many people. Your innovative products have given countless customers a chance to live healthier and happier lives! We are honored to be your newest partner and we are excited to be a part of your continued success that focuses on high quality, scientifically proven products like Bioenergy Ribose.

Congratulations again! We look forward to an exciting future and reaching new heights with you!


Farmson and JBK relationship is trust,endurance, perseverance and success personified.

Association of more than four decades has yielded wonders in scaling new heights in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our relationship has seen Farmson emerge as the leader in Paracetamol Industry and also established JBK as the foremost supplier and Indenter in the Indian Pharmaceutical market.

It will be our endeavour to take this association to even newer heights and scale greater milestones by providing better value proposition to our customers./

Farmson congratulates JBK on their 50th year of establishment and wishes them all the success and glory for the future.


17th December, 2015

Pharmachem takes this opportunity to extend our heartiest congratulations to J.B. Khokhoni for completing 50 glorious years of success !

It is also our pleasure to partner J.B.Khokhani on this auspicious year, launching one of the world's TOP scientifically studied functional weight management ingredient "Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract, Carb Controller' In India's market. May J.B. Khokhani scale new heights in this "Year or Jubilee" as we work in partnership towards GOOD SUCCESS in the India Market !

With J.B.Khokhani's 50 years' wealth of knowledge and experience, our collaboration will break NEW grounds taking SOLUTIONS into one of the most needed category of Weight Management Health in lndia's marketplace; supported by the world's most scientifically recognized functional weight management ingredient "Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract, Carb Controller"!

We celebrate with J.B. Khokhani on their Golden Jubilee Anniversary, and wish them "GREATER ACHIEVEMENTS" in the next 50 years of GROWTH !


20th November 2015

My sincere congratulations.

In modern times where the business environment is changing and complex is not easy to be able to give continuity to a successful business project.In your case you are already in the market for 50 years.