Facility has its independent plot of 2000 sq. meters confirming to WHO-GMP Standards and having a built up area of approx. 1100 sq. meters. The Company has a fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory to facilitate Chemical & microbiological analysis of bulk drugs, formulations & packing materials.

"Facility is highly committed to innovation in pharmaceutical industry by introducing cost effective & efficacious products in the market”.

There shall be continuous efforts to improve product quality and its safety by complying with various national and international regulatory requirement standards.

We are also committed to maintain consistency to QUALITY and also provide the products at affordable rates to our customers for their utmost satisfaction.

Formulation Tablets & Capsules

Product Name Strengths
Diclofenac Sodium & Paracetamol Tablets 50mg+500mg
Tramadol Tablets 50mg/100mg/ 200mg/225mg
Tramadol HCl Capsules 50mg/100mg/ 120mg/225mg
Product Name Strengths
Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Tablets 250mg/500mg/ 750mg
Clarithromycin Tablets 250mg/500mg
Erythromycin Tablets 250mg/500mg
Ofloxacin & Tinidazole Tablets 200mg+600mg
Ofloxacin Tablets 100mg/200mg 400mg
Chloramphenicol Capsules 250mg
Anti Analgesic/Antipyretic-tipyretic
Product Name Strengths
Paracetamol Tablets 500mg/650mg
Paracetamol with Diclofenac Tablet 500mg+50mg
Paracetamol with Tramadol Tablet 500mg+50mg
Product Name Strengths
Cyproheptadine Tablets B.P. 4mg
Anti Antacid cid
Product Name Strengths
Antacid Tablets Compound Magnesium Trisilicate Tablet (aluminium Hydroxide B.P & Magnesium Trisilicate B.P) 120mg & 250mg
Product Name Strengths
Glibenclamide Tablets 5mg/10mg
Glimepiride Tablets 2mg/5mg
Metformin Tablets 500mg/800mg
Product Name Strengths
Albendazole Tablets 200mg/400mg
Co-trimoxazole Tablets 480mg/960mg
Norfloxacin Tablets 400mg
Product Name Strengths
Loperamide HCl Tablets 2mg
Loperamide HCl Capsules 2mg
Antiemetic Strengths
Product Name Strengths
Metoclopramide Tablets 10mg
Product Name Strengths
Clotrimazole Vaginal Tablets USP 100mg
Fluconazole Tablets 150mg/200mg
Ketoconazole Tablets 200mg
Nystatin Oral Tablet 25,00,000 IU
Nystatin Vaginal Tablets 1,00,000 IU
Fluconazole Capsules 150mg
Product Name Strengths
Chlorpheniramine Maleate Tablets 4mg
Cetirizine Dihydrochloride Tablets 10mg
Cinnarizine Tablets 25mg
Paracetamol, Phenylephrine, Chlorpheniramine & Caffeine Tablets --
Product Name Strengths
Amlodipine Besilate Tablets 5mg/10mg
Atenolol Tablets 25mg/50mg
Amlodipine + Atenolol + Hydrochlo rothiazide Tablets 5mg + 50mg + 12.5mg
Enalapril Maleate Tablets 10mg/20mg
Lisinopril & Hydrochlo rothiazide Tabs 20mg+12.5mg
Lisinopril Tablets 5mg/10mg
Nifedipine Tablets 5mg/10mg
Dexamethasone Tablets 0.5 mg/1.0 mg
Product Name Strengths
Aciclovir Tablets BP 200mg
Erectile dysfunction
Product Name Strengths
Sildenafil Citrate Tablets 50mg/100mg 120mg/125mg/ 150mg
Product Name Strengths
Atorvastatin Tablets 10mg/20mg/40mg
Allopurinol Tablets B.P. 300mg
Product Name Strengths
Bisacodyl Tablet B.P. 5mg
Product Name Strengths
Benzhexol Hydrochloride Tablet USP 5.0mg
Product Name Strengths
Metronidazole Tablets 250mg/500mg
Product Name Strengths
Artemether & Lumifantrine Tablets 20mg+120mg
Artemether & Lumifantrine Tablets 40mg+240mg
Artemether & Lumifantrine Tablets 80mg+480mg
Chloroquine Phosphate Tablets 100mg
Product Name Strengths
Cimetidine Tablet USP 200, 400mg
Lansoprazole Capsules 15mg/30mg
Omeprazole Capsules 20mg/40mg
Product Name Strengths
Aceclofenac & paracetamol Tablets 50mg+500mg
Aceclofenac Tablet 100mg
Diclofenac Potassium Tablets 50mg, 100mg
Diclofenac Sodium Tablets 50mg/100mg
Ibuprofen Tablets (F/C, Sugar coated) 200mg/400mg/ 600mg
Nimesulide Tablets 100mg
Diclofenac Sodium Capsules 50mg
Indomethacin Capsule 25mg
Piroxicam Capsule 20mg
Ovulation Stimulant
Product Name Strengths
Clomifene Tablets B.P. 50mg
Product Name Strengths
B Complex Tablets --
Calcium With Vitamin D Tablets USP (Calcium Citrate USP+Vitamin D3 USP.) 1000mg +250 I.U
Multivitamins Tablets --